ONLY SUPER KOTE PAINT IS WITHOUT TOKEN                                                                                                             Let's Save Token Amount RS:400 on Gallon RS:1600 On Drum 
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First of all I take the pleasure to introduce myself as the President and CEO of Royale Group it is my mission to enhance Royale Paint’s position in the global market by facilitating the successful achievements and goals of the Royale Group. In doing so, it is my vision that the Royale Paint name will be recognized as a leader in innovative paint and coating technology throughout the world

Royale Paint manufactures high quality decorative, automotive paint and cooting Industrial coating, fine chemical and other products to some of the largest and most successful companies in the world – many of whom are leaders in their fields

We are proud of our superior technology, high quality, Innovative products and our on-going commitment to preserving the environment. We will continue to work hard to satisfy our customer’s need, be a good corporate citizen and provide the best value to our stakeholders. As we move forward we will also seek to expand our commitment to developing more environment friendly Technologies such as our highly equipped successful paint technologies.

Finally a company can’t be successful without the strong commitment and contributions of its valuable Team. I want to take this opportunity to thank my entire team for their continued hard work and devotion to Royale Paint.



Muhammad Shahid Fasih
President & CEO
Royale Group