ONLY SUPER KOTE PAINT IS WITHOUT TOKEN                                                                                                             Let's Save Token Amount RS:400 on Gallon RS:1600 On Drum 
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Royale Group are pleased to introduce our high quality manufactured prime products range.
Since past 31 years we manufacturing and having business experience with Corporate Sector, Government Sector, High Rise Projects and local market in our field. We don’t claim we are the best, but we can say with pride that we are among the best. Royale Group product named “Super Kote ” the hallmark of our business is quality on which we do not compromise products Standard & Quality. All of our product formulations, product developments and finished product are compatible to specific different standards such as British Standard and Pakistan Standard, our entire product is also compatible in quality with any other available Brand in market and other products same techniques and standards are followed to marked the quality and guarantee product. Our Research and Development and Managerial Team are all of them qualified, trained enough to look after their entire responsibilities very well and try to give their maximum contribution to produce the best product on latest risk free and environment friendly machines, our main sources of raw materials are also produced from Large Scale Standard Raw Material Manufacturers to confirm minimize the risk of Input on Sub Standard Raw Materials in our any products. We then and assure you our best services at all the time we remain,